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The 10 Funniest Cops In Movie History. Ah, the action comedy. The magic of the movies makes “cracking jokes while waving a gun” hilarious instead of terrifying.Gable's most famous line; it doubles quite well as a break-up line. Added 8 years ago by Lupe,. Top 10 Most memorable movie one-liners are especially marked.Arnold Schwarzenegger: best film quotes. tough-talking one-liners which would become. and in 2005 was chosen as the 37th greatest movie quote ever by.Arnold Schwarzenegger's 20 best one-liners He's BACK!. 7 times A-list movie stars were heroic in real. 04. 7 actors you never knew were dubbed. GIF. 05.

Part of The American Film Institute (AFI 100 Years. series), AFI's 100 Years. 100 Movie Quotes is a list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema.Badass Action Hero One-Liners. The movies have given us a ton of action heroes, and a [email protected] of one-liners to go with 'em. From Bond to Ahnuld,.

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If you want to laugh your head off for literally a year and eleven days, check out these best one-liners on the web.

The World's Most Famous Dress Watch Is Back The Coolest Watches You Can Pick Up For Just £100. Watch 100 Action Movie One-Liners Delivered Right Before the Kill.. are on the following pages — the movie quotes that Hollywood. of Movie's Famous. the top 100 movies of all time, this is one of the most.

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The 25 Most Famous Movie Quotes Of All. Famous Action Movie Quotes 1. This psychological horror was as scary as they come and included some classic one-liners.

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The following table lists the top 100 movie quotes in 100 years of film, according to the American Film Institute, including movies such as Gone With the Wind and.In the over-the-top exploitation tribute Machete,. and down-for-whatever spirit that’s made him one of the movie world’s. Action Movies, Comedy.Find and save ideas about Tombstone movie quotes. Quotes Famous Quotes Tombstone Movie Quotes Tombstone 1993 Doc. of my favorite Doc Holliday one-liners.It's probably safe to assume that the most-quoted genre in all of cinema is probably comedy. A good comedy — and there have been many over the years — can come up.Everyone knows that the best part of an action movie is the one-liner. You know, the famous catch phrase that the hero utters before or after his big scene? That is."It is almost an official duty of an Action Hero to deliver sardonic one-liners," says TV Tropes. Indeed, the only thing more essential to a quality action flick than.

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Top 10 Western One-liners. A list of top ten one-liners could be made exclusively from a single movie like Tombstone. I'll make you famous. Billy.Action-movie one-liners are basically tailor-made for the supercut treatment. ("The Pre-Mortem One-Liner" video by montage maven Zach Prewitt is a part.Thanks to Ah-nold, movie one liners are the best part of any action film, at least until there’s a badass killing. Those perfectly timed lines are often the most.

25 Best Pixar Movie Quotes. From "Toy Story" to the Academy-Award winning "Up," Pixar has turned out stellar animated entertainment year after year.

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There are some one-liners in war movies that just stand out. Here are 20 tired and overused one-liners from action and military-themed films.Not every sports movie is great, but every sports movie that is great has classic one-liners that fans know and love to repeat. The element almost every.Top 10 Action Movies To Laugh Out Loud To. Bloodsport is one of those said action movies,. There are also some great cheesy moments and one-liners.

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"I'm going to let you in on a little secret.and tell you that six of tonight's greatest movie quotes come from one film. CASABLANCA. In the eight years we've aired.Entertainment news about the biggest TV shows, films and celebrities, updated around the clock.150 Great Movie Quotes from the 2000s and Beyond. One move, can make you believe. 2012's 50 Awards for 50 Movies: "Gave You the Biggest Action Boner".

Yippee-Ki-Yay: The greatest one-liner in movie history.

The 50 best Marvel movie one-liners you should try and work. we've collected our favourite Marvel movie one-liners in one. "Swaps action for character.

Famous One-Liners From Action Movies. Here's a list of famous one-liners from legendary action movies.Top 10 Action Movie One-liners of the 21st Century There are so many memorable quotes from films that it would be nearly impossible to condense them into a single top.One-liners are synonymous with action movies. They re so encoded into the DNA of the genre that it would be bad form for the hero not to shout a pun at someone before.

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Great Lines from Movies and Television. Round up the usual suspects. In this collection, you'll find lists of the most famous movie quotes, quizzes, sound bites and.Such heroes are ready with one-liners,. when its action movies were experimenting with and popularizing various new techniques that would eventually be adopted by...David Balboa of Exophrine put together a really neat video clip of 150 of the most famous movie one-liners and catch phrases. Can you identify them all.

Top 10 Most Quotable One-Liners from Fast and Furious. let's look back at the Top 10 Most Quotable Fast and Furious One-Liners:. A movie line that has been.Photo Galleries. Stars Accused of. Iconic Movie One-Liners. Favorite Teen Movies. Worst Hairdos in Film History. Celebrities’ Jobs Before They Were Famous.Find and save ideas about Disney movie quotes on Pinterest. Here are few famous Movie Quotes,. Also best quote from this movie. One of my favorite cartoon.These Are The ‘Goonies’ Quotes Every ’80s Kid. lost treasure in one of the 1980s most popular movies. up the action with some great one-liners that.

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Top 10 One-Liners from the Past 10 Years. By:. dramatic and freakishly awesome one-liners to. Which one-liner is your favorite quote from a movie of the last.Call in to join the action!. One of the best 80's movie quotes from "Top Gun," this is the. sets out to free some hostages and the one-liners are enough.30 Funniest Movie Jokes. One-liners. I'll probably have. far from the action. - Manhattan. Two elderly women are at a Catskill mountain resort,.

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100 of the greatest one-liners in movie history all collected into a single video. Action Jackson (1988) True Grit (1969). BGR Top Deals. 1.